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About Motley Fool Ventures

Motley Fool Ventures searches inside and outside of the norms to find exceptional early-stage technology companies. A sister company of The Motley Fool, we launched our first fund in 2018. Our North Star: Make your portfolio represent your best vision of our future.

Investment Thesis

Motley Fool Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund powered by The Motley Fool's brand, investing approach, and communities. We combine the best of both worlds: Like a traditional venture capital fund, we have outside limited partners, prioritize investor returns, and make decisions independently. However, like a corporate VC, we have the backing of a successful operating company with access to resources that most VCs can only dream of.

Investment Criteria

We often invest at Series A, but we recognize that these labels are fluid.
We look for companies that leverage technology to create a clear competitive advantage and disrupt their industry.
This is a rough metric for traction and business maturity.
During our initial conversations, we'll focus on growth, repeatable sales process, and large prospect pipeline.
Our familiarity with the industry and ability to help heavily influence our check size and whether we lead or participate in syndicates.
Diverse points of view, genders, and ethnicities are only some of what we look for in our investments, which we source in the U.S. and internationally.

Our Values


Foster inclusion and belonging.


Do great things together.


Search for a better solution. Then top it.


Revel in your work.


Make us proud.


Play hard, play fair, play to win.

Why We Invest

The Motley Fool has a long and proud history of being on the side of entrepreneurs and individual investors, and Motley Fool Ventures is excited to play a role in the next chapter of that history.

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Our Founders

Their approaches differ, but our portfolio company leaders are unified in their drive to create enduring companies that solve large, important problems. We're delighted they've chosen Motley Fool Ventures as a partner.

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  • Richmond Bassey

    CEO of Bamboo


    Expands access to U.S. and global capital markets to investors in Nigeria and other African countries.

    Visit Bamboo
  • Lori Shao

    CEO of Finli


    Invoice, payment processing, and customer communication tools for small businesses and solo-preneurs.

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  • Wemimo Abbey & Samir Goel

    Co-CEOs of Esusu


    Greater financial resilience for the credit invisible or marginalized through rental payment reports to credit bureaus.

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