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Our Investments

Meet our favorite people in the world: the leaders of Motley Fool Ventures' portfolio companies. We refer to them as our "Founder Community" because of their willingness to help one another learn and grow.

  • Rana el Kaliouby

    CEO of Affectiva


    Human emotion detection for automotive safety and consumer media analytics for advertisers (acquired by Smart Eye).

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  • Richmond Bassey

    CEO of Bamboo


    Expands access to U.S. and global capital markets to investors in Nigeria and other African countries.

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  • Matt Straz

    CEO of Bennie


    Tech-infused, full-service benefits broker for small and medium businesses.

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    Aaron Holm & Nelson Del Rio

    Co-CEOs of Blokable


    Democratization of affordable housing with a vertically integrated physical and digital platform.

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  • Simon Goodall

    CEO of Caribou


    Transparent auto loan refinancing and auto insurance for U.S.-based car owners.

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  • Henry Ward

    CEO of Carta


    Software and tools to help entrepreneurs and investors manage cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

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  • Melissa Kozak

    CEO of Citus Health

    Citus Health

    Digital platform to improve communication between caregivers and patients (acquired by ResMed).

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  • David Fairbrothers

    CEO of Dorsata


    Point-of-care platform for ob-gyns to improve diagnosis, treatment, and documentation for patients.

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    Wemimo Abbey & Samir Goel

    Co-CEOs of Esusu


    Greater financial resilience for the credit invisible or marginalized through rental payment reports to credit bureaus.

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  • Alexandra McManus

    CEO of Eyrus


    Construction management software collects automated data from project sites to provide metrics and insights.

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  • Lori Shao

    CEO of Finli


    Invoice, payment processing, and customer communication tools for small businesses and solo-preneurs.

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  • Craig Lewis

    CEO of Gig Wage

    Gig Wage

    A SaaS company whose payroll platform is transforming the speed and convenience with which gig workers get paid.

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  • Jeff Grass

    CEO of HUNGRY Marketplace

    HUNGRY Marketplace

    Digital marketplace for corporate catering that connects businesses with local chefs and restaurants.

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  • Tom McGrath

    CEO of iink


    A digital payments network that expedites the disbursement of funds associated with multi-party property insurance claims.

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  • Ursula Mead

    CEO of InHerSight


    Recruiting and HR performance platform that connects working women with value-aligned companies.

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  • Brian Mullin

    CEO of Karlsgate


    Digital marketplace for customers to exchange data without losing custody or sharing personally identifiable information.

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  • Meena Sankaran

    CEO of KETOS


    Automates water testing and monitoring processes for industrial customers, commercial farms, and municipalities.

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  • James Lee

    CEO of LegalMation


    Artificial intelligence to transform legal tasks that consume legal resources but require no creativity.

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  • Amy Errett

    CEO of Madison Reed

    Madison Reed

    Luxury hair care specialist with extensive online presence plus brick-and-mortar locations and retail partnerships.

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  • Ron Rock

    CEO of Microshare


    Internet of Things products focused on energy, wellness, and space utilization for global business customers.

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  • Ryan Kinskey

    CEO of Motionworks


    This population intelligence provider creates and manages large datasets of where, when, and how people move in North America.

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  • John Tyrell

    CEO of MyWallSt


    Content and tools to inspire stock market proficiency for 25- to 45-year-old investors.

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  • Stephen Chen

    CEO of NewRetirement


    A comprehensive financial planning platform that empowers anyone to create a personalized retirement plan that's tailored to their unique circumstances.

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  • Cameron Johnson

    CEO of Nickson


    Furniture-as-a-service provider that offers furnishings to new apartment renters for a monthly fee.

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  • Tim Flannery

    CEO of Passthrough


    A seamless online experience that makes it easy to invest in private funds.

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  • Jeff Mize

    CEO of PostProcess


    Automates the final stage of additive manufacturing to allow for production of customer-ready 3D printed parts.

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  • Kendrick Nguyen

    CEO of Republic


    Connects individuals with startup, crypto, real estate, and video game investment opportunities.

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  • Sam Farmer

    CEO of Roundtrip


    Marketplace that connects health systems and plans to transportation providers.

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  • Todd Walrath

    CEO of ShiftMed


    Marketplace that links up nurses with hospitals, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

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  • Max Koziolek

    CEO of Spectrm


    A marketing platform that businesses use to automate one-to-one conversations with consumers on social messaging channels.

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  • Mark L. Rockefeller

    CEO of StreetShares


    Lending-as-a-service platform for community banks and credit unions (acquired by Meridian Link).

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  • Nick Allen

    CEO of Sunnyside


    A system for creating a more mindful approach to drinking to help you reach your goals.

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  • Lisa Gelobter

    CEO of tEQuitable


    Independent, confidential platform to address issues of bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace.

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  • Ellis McCue

    CEO of Territory Foods

    Territory Foods

    Locally sourced and professionally prepared meals for health-conscious customers.

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  • Brian Ballard

    CEO of Upskill


    Enterprise software for augmented reality devices and experiences in industrial settings (acquired by TeamViewer).

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  • Meenakshi Lala

    CEO of UrbanStems


    Digital gifting company that brings joy via overnight or same-day delivery of flowers and plants.

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  • Bill Robbins

    CEO of WealthForge


    Regulatory expertise and broker-dealer solutions to streamline alternative investments.

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