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We’ve compiled media appearances and news about our portfolio companies, as well as coverage of Motley Fool Ventures. 

April 23, 2023: Motley Fool Ventures made its second investment in Bennie, a tech-focused benefits provider led by Matt Straz. Escalate Capital, Interplay, and Picus Capital also participated. Continue

February 22, 2023: Wemimo Abbey, co-founder and co-CEO of Esusu, describes how his vision of justice capitalism informs Esusu’s approach to helping renters across the U.S.


February 1, 2023: After launching two funds with hundreds of investors, the MFV team knows all about the painstaking process of collecting documents and onboarding LPs. When we met Passthrough and saw its approach to streamlining the process, we knew it was a worthy investment. Continue

December 12, 2022: Tech diversity publication UrbanGeekz named MFV Managing Partner Ollen Douglass as one of the top 10 Black VCs managing $100M+ funds. Continue  

December 7, 2022: Finli’s founder, Lori Shao, shares her immigrant story in an effort to empower businesses owned by underrepresented communities. Continue

September 6, 2022: In the first investment from its new fund, Motley Fool Ventures joined a $38M Seed extension for Bennie, a benefits management firm that serves small- and medium-sized businesses. Continue

July 6, 2022: Led by fintech veteran Lori Shao, Finli creates digital financial tools for microbusiness owners. Continue

July 6, 2022: To help customers increase productivity, Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Microshare released a new app that delivers data analyzed on the Microshare cloud. Continue

July 6, 2022: To help customers increase productivity, Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Microshare released a new app that delivers data analyzed on the Microshare cloud. Continue

June 17, 2022: The Washington Post recognized Caribou among the best small businesses to work in the DC area, particularly for employees commitment to helping customers save money. Continue

May 2, 2022: To expand its suite of food options for businesses, HUNGRY Marketplace added curated snacks and pantry items through its acquisition of NatureBox. Continue

Todd is the founder and CEO of ShiftMed, a digital workforce management platform that recruits, credentials and schedules licensed CNAs, LPNs and RNs to work at health care providers. Walrath is also CEO and Founder of, an online marketplace designed to connect caregivers to families and healthcare providers looking for experienced, credentialed post-acute care workers. (Continue reading.)

October 13, 2021: The fund adviser arm of financial services company Republic has launched a $60 million seed fund, its first and flagship fund. Continue

Soon after the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020, Jeff Grass wondered about the future of Hungry, a startup he had co-founded in late 2016. Continue

July 16, 2021: The Series A funding round raised $10 million dollars led by Motley Fool Ventures, the investing arm of the personal finance site. Esusu, headquartered in New York City, has raised more than $14 million. Continue

Feb. 3, 2021: To more deliberately commit ourselves to our North Star, Motley Fool Ventures has invested $5 million of our $150 million fund into 14 other venture capital funds directly addressing underrepresentation in VC. (Continue reading)

May 28, 2021: MotoRefi has raised another $45 million in a round led by Goldman Sachs just five months after investors poured $10 million into the fintech startup to help turbocharge its auto refinancing business. (Continue reading)

May 5, 2021: After growing 130 percent last year and 500 percent since 2018, Washington, D.C.-based floral delivery startup UrbanStems said on Wednesday (May 5) that it’s on track to book its busiest week in its four-year history thanks to a surge of Mother’s Day orders, and also that it has just closed a $20 million round of funding. (Continue reading)

May 12, 2021: Meena Sankaran is the Founder and CEO of Ketos, where they are saving lives with innovative water quality products. She is truly and creator and builder of change and lives the embodiment of inspiration, innovation and impact. (Continue reading)

April 13, 2021: Direct-to-consumer meal delivery service Territory Foods closed on $22 million in Series B funding to expand into new cities. (Continue reading)


April 13, 2021: Hundreds of American Cancer Society regional offices will now be able to use Roundtrip’s transportation scheduling software as part of a new, exclusive relationship. (Continue reading)

April 5, 2021: MotoRefi keeps finding new ways to connect car owners with lower auto loan rates. This Forbes article spotlights MotoRefi’s relationships with Even Financial, Savvy, and SoFi. (Continue reading)

March 17, 2021: Motley Fool Ventures participated in the latest fundraise from Republic, a platform to connect entrepreneurs and investors. (Continue reading)

Feb. 24, 2021: Madison Reed, a tech-enabled provider of hair care products, saw expansive growth during the pandemic. Investors rewarded the company’s progress with a $50M funding round. This is Motley Fool Ventures’ initial investment in the company. (Continue reading)

Feb. 24, 2021: The newest round for Bitwise will further build out its presence in California and fuel an expansion to additional U.S. markets. (Continue reading)

Jan. 22, 2021: Amid a flurry of fintech deals, MotoRefi’s latest round further validates the company’s goal of providing better auto refinancing loans to car owners. (Continue reading)

Blokable’s new development in Auburn, Wash., signals a “signal a flashpoint for unlocking affordability barriers in housing,” according to Forbes. (Continue reading)

In this video interview, Nickson Living founder Cam Johnson describes the company’s service and demand spike during 2020. (Continue reading)

Bitwise receives a boost from the Bakersfield, Calif., county council, which approved a $750,000 tech training contract. (Continue reading)

Carta senses an opportunity to bring liquidity to private market company investors and employees with its newest offering – CartaX. (Continue reading)

Dorsata’s approach to electronic medical records better equips women’s health providers to have meaningful, detailed visits with patients. (Continue reading)

Ketos CEO Meena SankaranSept. 9, 2020: Meena Sankaran, CEO of Ketos, reflects on the value of water and how Ketos is committed to real-time intelligence about water use and safety for its customers. (Continue reading)

Sept. 3, 2020: We’re not one to one to pat ourselves on the back, but it’s nice to receive some occasional recognition. The chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth that serves Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and southern Maryland named Motley Fool Ventures as its Venture Deal Team of the Year for 2020. (Continue reading)

Sept. 3, 2020: This commentary from MedCity News gives Devoted Health high marks for its “focused, human mission rooted in empathy.” (Continue reading)

July 9, 2020: Here’s a quote we love from HUNGRY co-founder and COO Eman Pahlavani in this article about the company’s ability to thrive during the bleakest circumstances: “The best ideas come out of necessity and innovation,” Pahlavani told the Associated Press. “There’s always a way to get out of a bad situation.” (Continue reading)

Bitwise Industries' CEO and Co-founder Irma Olguin Jr.June 26, 2020: Irma’s story of how she beat the odds to become an incredible startup CEO is wonderfully told in this Forbes article. (Continue reading)

June 2, 2020: The killing of George Floyd and the sensitive issues surrounding it weigh heavily on us professionally and personally. We want liberty, justice, and equitable opportunity for all Americans. They are critical to the health of our democracy, and for the future of our children and loved ones. (Continue Reading)

June 1, 2020: As a further validation of its health and transportation strategy, Roundtrip won a $252,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to look at the impact of transportation on opioid use disorder transportation. (Continue reading)

May 27, 2020: Citus Health CEO Melissa Kozak shares her perspectives about options to treat specialty patients during COVID-19 during this podcast from the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy. (Continue reading)

April 16, 2020: This TechCrunch article explains how InHerSight expanded its mission during COVID-19 to help women find companies that match their career ambitions. (Continue reading)

Aug. 23, 2019: Aaron Holm, co-CEO of Blokable, explains his leadership team’s approach to smart homes and manufacturing in this brief video. (Continue reading)

March 8, 2019: In this Fortune Trailblazers piece, Rana describes the leap from CTO to CEO at Affectiva. (Continue reading)

Feb. 14, 2019: It’s a day full of love and big expectations. UrbanStems CEO Seth Goldman points to customer service as a key differentiator during this TV interview. (Continue reading)

Feb. 14, 2019: The author of this Datamation article doesn’t hold back on the challenges of litigation, including the massive amount of paperwork involved in the preparation to argue a case, and the cost for a client. He’s deeply intrigued by LegalMation’s artificial intelligence approach. (Continue reading)

Nov. 14, 2018: We did it! Motley Fool Ventures, the first venture capital fund from The Motley Fool, raised millions from terrific TMF members. This article was written after the second of our three fundraising closes. (Continue reading)

January 31, 2022: There are many Robinhood-esque platforms globally because of a growing need to invest in U.S. stocks in different parts of the world. Bamboo, launched in January 2020, is one such platform in Nigeria. Following two years of significant growth and raising $2.4 million to facilitate it, the investment firm is announcing that it has raised $15 million in a new financing round.

January 27, 2022: Esusu, the leading financial technology company for rent reporting and data solutions for credit building, today announced a new valuation of $1 billion after closing a $130 million round of funding. Continue

August 3, 2021: Todd is the founder and CEO of ShiftMed, a digital workforce management platform that recruits, credentials and schedules licensed CNAs, LPNs and RNs to work at health care providers. Continue

With 45 million people in the United States lacking credit scores, and millions more marginalized due to their background, race and zip code, entrepreneurs Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel realized they had an opportunity to help bridge the wealth gap by utilizing technology and data to build financial access and inclusion. Continue

December 27, 2021: As the year comes to a close, NTX Inno is looking ahead at the startups poised to shape the headlines of 2022. Continue

December 16, 2021:In the markets for new and used cars, costs are up and discounts are down. On the recent Black Friday, discounts were at record lows. Today, the average price of a new car is $40,000 and a used one is $25,000. Continue

November 4, 2021:

Office catering powerhouse HUNGRY announces the arrival of a new café & coffee bar service set to launch in cities across the nation. Continue

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